Saturday, June 1, 2013

Old Man Fan Club

My Old Man Fan Club was out in force today. My number one, number two, and newest fans all came by to say hello to me.

Number One came to see if my library school classes had started yet, and to wish me luck for them AGAIN.

Number Two came up to the desk as soon as he walked into the library, smiled a huge smile, and said "I thought I'd start my day in the right place!"

My newest fan, Mr., had come back to the library with his son to help him with his email account--the fact that he couldn't remember his password was an insurmountable barrier to his ability to scan and email something earlier in the week. He reported happily that he had successfully done his scan, and said "You are the best person I have met!"

If only the guy who demanded to speak to my boss when I told him he couldn't eat in the library knew how highly-endorsed I am. Maybe he would have saved himself the embarrasment of finding out that, yes, I am not incompetent. I was correct, he is not allowed to eat crackers at the computers.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you do have some serious fans there! And they're well-deserved I'm sure. (whereas the mofoery of Cracker-Eating Man is not.)