Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend reference highlights

An extremely appreciative old lady who I help with printing. She only needs 30 cents' worth of printing but she has a twenty dollar bill. I tell her that she can go over to Customer Service and they will make change for her, because the machine takes only coins and one-dollar bills, although at least it makes change within those parameters. Then I overhear her saying to the poor girl at Customer Service, "Well, I'll need at least three dimes..."

A man with a great Texas accent needs books with example wedding vows. "They just called and said their pastor may not  be able to make it, so I'm going to have to step in!"

Reader's advisory: A 12 year old wants a historical fiction book (or character-based nonfiction) about the Cold War, from the Soviet side. Two results, two more than I was expecting.

A woman can't get the printer to make any copies. Because it's, you know, a printer.

And, the best of the day: Is your Geneaology department planning any trips to Utah soon?


  1. Ooh yes, your librarians are all going to Utah to copy down information from the Mormons' online database by hand.

    1. Weirdly, I got the impression that what she was imagining was more of a patron field trip--i.e., are you going to be taking me to Utah anytime soon?

  2. Ha ha ha, that didn't even occur to me. Just what librarians *really* want--a chance to spend more time with their patrons, with even fewer ways to escape!