Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th has been appropriately atypical here at the library home of Don't Mess with TX-LIS. I.e. the patrons have been phenomenally low-maintenance. Pleasantness of the day includes
1) A patron who knows what a masters' in library science is,
2) A patron who starts to talk about her medical and financial problems and then stops of her own accord before it gets uncomfortable
3) A patron who is really, really excited about the oversize books

I also love getting to show people the awesomeness that is the KDL What'sNext Database (

The only bad weirdness was that I found a three-books-in-one anthology of Anne of Green Gables for one patron who had read the very first book but wanted to read the rest of the series. The first book included was Anne of Green Gables, but the other two were not numbers two and three as would be expected, but instead were three and four. Mysterious.


  1. that Anne of Green Gables thing is really odd. Maybe the books are out of copyright and random bad publishers whip editions together.