Thursday, June 26, 2014


As is not a huge surprise, given that a library science degree is the worst master's degree by employment measurements in the United States, I have not yet found  a new library to report from. However, I can report some conversational bits and pieces during this intermission.

My friend at the old Texas library said that my only non-crazy fan stopped by recently and that she was doing well, although my friend also took issue with my description of her as 'my only non-crazy fan'--"I don't think she's actually crazy, but  I think she has something going on mentally, or rather not going on."

I am interviewing tomorrow for a job at a library in a correctional facility, but not everyone has been equally supportive. My fiance: "I only know one twenty-something girl who might be able to work in a prison, and it's [names a friend of his who is not me]."

I interviewed today for a position as a circulation clerk and they asked me what I would do if a child brought adult materials to check out.
Me: "Nothing; I would check them out to the kid. It is not up to me to decide what he reads."
Head Librarian: "You know when you are talking to a librarian!"

I emailed an email discussion list about prison librarianship for interviewing advice, and one person wrote back: "Murderers make the best clerks."

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