Wednesday, February 25, 2015

(Fifty Shades of) Grey areas

I had one of my most uncomfortable moments at work to date today when a man asked me for help burning his files to a CD. Okay, pretty run of the mill. I go over to help and... all his files are pornographic videos. Eeeeeew. However:
-Presumably the files themselves aren't illegal (i.e. no one underage is in them).
-He's not opening the files, just transferring them (actually viewing pornography on one of our computers does violate our library's code of conduct).
-The names of the files display small enough that only someone looking closely at his screen (like, for instance, the staff member helping him) would be able to read them.

Any thoughts? I tentatively concluded that although helping this guy was pretty unpleasant, I didn't have legitimate grounds for refusing to assist him.

1 comment:

  1. Eeeyyyeeew. But yeah, I don't think you had legit grounds for refusing him, as long as the process didn't involve looking at the content. (Some weirdos like to show other people porn.)