Thursday, May 28, 2015

(Hip hip) hooray?

The ongoing weirdness of customer service: The guy who I lent a marker to is profusely grateful; the guy who I spent 15 minutes trying to find out the etymology and literal meaning of the expression 'hip hip hooray' for is kind of disappointed that the answer isn't as definitive as he was imagining it would be.

It's not that I 'can't find the answer,' it's that the documentary evidence to prove that a single answer is correct just isn't there. I'm sorry.


  1. ah, that reminds me so much of a librarian friend who used to say to her patrons (but only in her head), "I can't MAKE it appear!"

  2. did the guy bring back the marker?

    1. He did! He won the Patron of the Day award! (Like the other poster's friend mentioned above with her imagined dialogue, that honor is awarded in my head only, not out loud.)