Thursday, December 1, 2016

Other duties as assigned

Today at work:
  • Cleaned up broken glass
  • Photographed a mysterious desk lamp in our cluttered office to include in an email threatening to throw it away
  • Ordered new copies of a handful of karate books that someone borrowed and never brought back
  • Secured a promise from one of our volunteers to make popcorn 5 months from now.
  • Put a book called Getting Back In There: Dating again after the serious break up and another called One Year to Financial Organization on display ("Jump-start your new year's resolutions" theme)
  • Wrote myself a note for next week: "Call Tom C. re: Beekeeping."


  1. I think children's librarians have the worst "other duties as assigned" lists :>(

  2. I like the popcorn promise one

  3. Has anyone spoken for the lamp of mystery?

  4. who learns karate from a book anyway

    1. I know, right? Maybe the person who checked it out got so frustrated that she threw it across the room and she's too embarrassed to bring it back and admit how the damage occurred.