Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All the reference questions that are fit to print

From August 16th.

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Is there a schedule for the computer classes?

Is Sarah here? No, she’s at lunch. Can I give her a message for you? Is this the customer service desk? No, the customer service desk is over there. I have to pick up something from her and she said she would leave it for me at the service desk. Well you will have to ask over there. Isn’t there a way you can check for me so I don’t have to stand in line? No, ma’am.

Coworker wants to know where the math tutoring applications are.

Something is wrong with the Wii.

Mom and daughter are confused by Yahoo!

Mom and daughter are confused by the school district website website.

Excuse me (from across the library), can you cancel this reservation?

I’m from [nearby city] but I want to print my son’s schedule for the local high school. Is there a free computer or do I have to live here? (You can get a card with us for free since we have reciprocity with you!)

Accept two applications for math tutoring from a woman who really wants her 7th grade son to learn 8th grade math.

Print My Son's Schedule comes back to update her address and to check which family members the two cards on her key ring belong to.

These printed out. I’m giving them to you for recycling.

I can’t return books here (at the self-check), can I? If I put them in the book return will my fines be updated right away? Also, one of the DVDs I rented has water damage, what should I do?

The mom and daughter need more help navigating the school district website.

Can you sign me in for the Wii?

Coworker wants to borrow the copier override key and wants to know “Don’t we have some job information?”

I restart a dead catalog computer.

After all the work of the mom and daughter, the school district website goes down.


I fix minor problems with a catalog computer.

A mother and daughter can’t open an email attachment that they themselves have created. I try a variety of strategies with them. Turns out to be Yahoo’s fault.

I’m done with the Wii.

One of our regulars wordlessly hands me a kid’s DVD. Questioning reveals that he found it abandoned by the copier.

Can I use your scissors?

What’s going on on my computer? This is a catalog computer, you can’t use it to access other parts of the internet.

“Yahoo is only showing me half of my email. Can you help me see the whole thing?” (Reloading the page changed the formatting back to normal.)

Accept returned white-out.

Check for two audiobooks for a patron on the phone. We had neither : ( .

Can you please show me how to print? I won’t bother you again.

My favorite YS librarian introduces me to two members of her fan club.

Is this a C or an O or a zero or what? It’s C0. We tried that. Oh wait, no we didn’t.

My document is printing out all weird. Try using Adobe instead of the Gmail preview window.

You can’t have your library card back until you bring back the wiimote.

Where are the GED books?

I want to sign up for the Wii.


  1. I love these. Several of the questions echo themes from the Librarian Mofo website, including the bafflement at various websites and the wordless handing over of library items.

  2. My favorite library blog (that is not blocked at my workplace) is http://lovetheliberry.blogspot.com/, mostly written by "Amy." She reports that at her library, "The new trend among the computer users is pof.com (plenty of fish). Of this group no one knows how to upload their photo or edit their profile."