Friday, February 8, 2013

Annoying Regular Day

Today is apparently Annoying Regular Day at the library. We have Retired Librarian, Inarticulate Catalog Guy, Mr. Take-My-Card, Running Kid, Hooligan Kids, the whole lot. On the bright side, we also have an old man who I have never seen before who could become a great regular. He hasn't asked for any help but I observed him on the computer on a massively ancient news site, reading story after story about whales. He's been there for at least an hour.

 In related news, the White Whale exists.

Edit 2/14: Per excellent reader suggestion, we are naming the whale guy Captain Ahab.


  1. Are the Hooligan Kids any relation to the Trouble Brothers?

    I think you should provisionally nickname your new guy Captain Ahab.