Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 so far

The person who is supposed to open the library doors at 10 a.m.: "What, it's ten a.m. ALREADY?"

Found in sad old books I am considering for weeding:
-A partially-used gift certificate to Goodwill
-A fancy paper bird (bookmark? Christmas ornament?)
-A printed-out profile from a dating website, 20-something girl "looking for her cowboy"

Marx Translations Guy comes in: "I've been thinking lately about lawgivers...Moses blah blah blah, Mohammed blah blah blah..." he walks away happily with the name of Numa Pompilious, second king of Rome.

There is information about an already-expired grant program in our not-yet-published 2014 brochure.

Angry lady can't find her holds, was looking under someone else's name instead of her own. Who knows why.

A nice man who does not understand the limits of our powers would like us to know that the self-check-out machine that is supposed to read pictures of library cards on smartphones "is being very picky today."

Coworker apparently forgot that January is her month to do the adult display, so it is still stocked with my "As Seen on TV" items from December, and while I was on vacation my colleagues have filled it with extremely weird stuff.

It's maybe going to be a long year.

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