Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hugh Laurie, blues musician

So, I learned today that Hugh Laurie (of House and Jeeves and Wooster fame) has not one, but two blues albums out (you can read more details here: Today I am also supposed to be working on my next English-language display, and this gave me the idea for a "I didn't know he did a _____!" display. I.e., "I didn't know Hugh Laurie did a...blues album!"

But I have a problem. I am struggling to find lists or examples of celebrities (actors, writers, etc.) who are famous for (or at least did) more than one thing. Any suggestions, off the tops of your culturally-literate heads?


  1. one for the older people is that movie star who invented spy stuff.

  2. You might take a look at these:



  4. Fidel Castro turned down a professional baseball league contract offer.

  5. Steve and I saw one of those Hugh Laurie albums for sale at a Starbucks and FLIPPED OUT!

    That sounds like a great display idea; unfortunately I don't have any helpful suggestions at the moment.