Sunday, February 16, 2014

Headache refgrunt

Yesterday due to the joy of being a worker without benefits, I came in to work even though I had a pounding headache. As you can imagine, it was fun!
-Place 3 interlibrary loans...Bernard of Clairvaux, other theology...I love ILLs (signs I should be an academic librarian instead?)
-Briefly, both printers (color and black and white) are simultaneously not working
-Head hurts so much that I can NOT tell a guy how much it will cost him to print 25 copies of his 5-page document at ten cents a page--I pride myself on being one of the few numerate people in my field so this makes me so mad, but my head hurts so much...
-A wife keeps holding up books from a display that her husband is obviously not interested in: "Do you want this one?" "No" 'How about this one?" "No!"
-Older man with wife, printing IRA-related forms from The whole printing process was new to him and he was very excited. When his forms printed out successfully he gave me a thumbs up and said "Thank you! Very good job!"
-Abandoned on the tray of reject prints: A half-page print of a chicken staring right into the camera.
-A lady is so excited about the scanner that she asks me to look up how much it costs--she wants to get one for herself!
-Find some alcohol prep pads abandoned on the desk--a hint to me and my coworker and our allergy-filled heads?
-Coworker/friend: Do you know anything about about the bag of puppets that appeared on my desk? I thought maybe it was a late Valentine's day present but she says no she doesn't think so some are missing eyes. Maybe it's a threat.

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  1. ooh did not realize how bad your headache was. glad you're better