Friday, February 7, 2014

Yes, ma'am!

An older man asked if he could borrow a 'writing implement' and then when I said "Yes, just bring it back when you are finished" he saluted smartly.

People who aren't familiar with the internet really don't appreciate the importance of entering a URL exactly as written. So frustrating.

Our nuttiest regular (paranoid schizophrenic?) helpfully handed me a puppet that had escaped from the children's area.

A lady can't find 1040 Schedule D because its label is obscured by a messy pile of...schedule Ds. She laughs nervously and says "Oh goodness! Sorry, it has been a long day."

Dysgraphia Guy needs help copying and pasting--did computer designers anticipate what a difficult task this would be?

Coworker to five-year-old: Walk please!...Walk..Walk!...WALK!

Guy comes to reclaim a lost wallet and his $200 is still in it--sooooo excited!

The Retired Police Officer comes to tell me: "I know there isn't really much you can do, but for what it's worth, I just heard that lady ask for the social security number of the person she was talking to [on the phone] and then read it back to her. The whole thing. I checked to see if anyone was writing it down."

Help us type in this captcha? (Captcha identification is an important librarian skill)

It's hard to convince people that each sheet of 1099-MISC tax forms has two forms on it. It's especially hard to convince the guy with 90% gold teeth.

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  1. Did the patron who handed you the puppet say that it had escaped?
    Good luck with tax forms season!