Friday, December 5, 2014

Can I print out the whole forth amendment?

A guy came to the desk to ask this. He actually wants the text of the amendment plus a bunch of commentary on Okay, that is less weird.

Tax forms requested. And so it begins...

Find three abandoned magazines on the shelf: ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and...Archaeology Today.

Can you help me change this Word Perfect document into Microsoft Word? (Does anyone my age who doesn't work at a library even know what Word Perfect is?)

Patron advises me that the Norfolk, VA library is installing cell phone service blockers in their walls, isn't that a great idea?

Favorite patron of the day asks for a book on "American Pit Bulls," is amazed by the dogs section.

Printer is out of paper.

Coworker: Didn't we have the Consumer Reports Buyers Guide up here in reference? I promised my daughter I would look up drills.

Boss warns her that she is in charge of the building, a dreaded designation for us lowly library assistants. Also warns her to keep an eye out for 'a lady who is really angry about The Count of Monte Cristo.'



  2. "really angry about the Count of Monte Cristo"? As in, she didn't like the ending?

    1. As in, she was mad that we no longer had the edition she wanted. Not as exciting.