Saturday, December 27, 2014

Conspiracy day

Today, callers want to know:
  • "What can you tell me about criminal optical labs? You know, how they grind the lenses to make you cross-eyed or so that you can't see. People are dying every day. It's the master crime."
  • "Can you tell me the contact information for Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics?...He has a contract with the Air Force. You have one of his books at the library...because teleportation is a science now, NASA has colonies on other planets."
Whenever a conspiracy theorist has a 'question,' they always do at least 90% of the talking. It's hard to believe that they don't want to tell you things more than they want you to tell them something.

Bonus: That book the second caller mentioned? It's Secret journey to planet Serpo : a true story of interplanetary travel by Len Kasten, and it is classified in our library as 001.9, "Controversial Knowledge" rather than 629.4, "Space Travel."

Double bonus: Do a Google Search for "dewey decimal 00," and this is what you get on auto-fill:

I'm surprised the conspiracy theorists think we might be their allies.

1 comment:

  1. You are so right about the chattiness of conspiracy theorists. I prefer "NASA has colonies" to "the moon landing was faked."