Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good, bad

Some good, some bad today, as usual.

Good: A man came up to the desk all excited, and I asked "How can I help you?" He didn't really need any help. He'd just found out his student loan application had been approved and he was going to college! He was so excited he just had to tell someone.

Bad: A man came up to the desk with a bunch of loose sheets of paper. "Stapler?" I asked him. He nodded. When I held out the stapler, instead of taking the stapler, he held out his papers like he wanted me to staple them for him. Nope, that's definitely not a service we provide (unless you're disabled, anyway).

Good: We can't find a copy of the autobiography of the guy who started AA, but the patron says "That's okay, I've been coming here for years and this is the first time you've ever let me down!"

Bad: Another patron is frustrated that I can't tell him which tax form he filed last year (he needs to put that information on the FAFSA which, by the way, like many of our patrons he pronounces "fass-fuh"). I don't say this, but I can probably tell him what form he *should* have filed, but that's not the same thing.

Good: A woman with a ton of tattoos, bleached blond hair, and an angry look on her face is super-nice when I show her how to release her print job from the print release station.

Bad: A woman who looks like a sweet grandma is super-rude when I show her how to release her print job.


  1. it's hard to predict rudeness by appearances

  2. I can't believe an able-bodied person would expect a librarian to staple for him. That's pathetic.

  3. E, I like how you say "how can I help you?" instead of "can I help you"?

    1. I have a high estimate of my potential helpfulness.