Friday, July 24, 2015

The Return of Tweety

Everyone who works in a library has a story about the strange things that people leave behind and end up in the lost and found. We record what we put in there, so we get an especially good record Last week I logged in a Tweety bird usb drive. Today I went to log in a lost bracelet...only to see that the entry above was "Tweety bird flash drive," entered by a coworker, the day before.

Gotta buy that patron one of those keychain flash drives.

If you want to see more things left in libraries, specifically in books, you can start with:


  1. so, the owner of Tweety claimed Tweety, and then left Tweety again? Could there be two Tweetys (Tweeties?)? Do you get a lot of left flash drives?

    1. We do get a lot of flash drives. So it *might* be two different Tweeties.

  2. someone needs velcro