Friday, October 30, 2015


After going to an fantastic talk at a conference earlier this week that featured the problem 'patrons mostly ask questions with fast, easy answers, so they aren't aware we can answer more difficult questions as well', we actually had some pretty challenging reference questions this afternoon, like "What kind of bird is this in this Youtube video I'm watching?", "How can I find out who the owner of a business used to be?", and a very complicated attempt to connect to the wireless network which involved reading many forum posts and messing with a patron's wireless card settings ("Don't tell anyone I touched your computer, okay?").

Oh wait, I just eavesdropped the checkout desk clerk asking over the radio, "Security, any reason why the fire truck is here?" This is more what I expect from Friday afternoon!


  1. and why WAS the firetruck there?

    1. Never found out! My guess is someone accidentally hit the emergency button in the new elevator. That's been happening a lot.

  2. those r some tough questions