Friday, October 9, 2015

"Zip" code

My boss's mom calls. When she tries to read an ebook she has checked out, all the body text shows up as totally blank--header and footer only. Yikes.

Coworker to patron who is struggling to use the stapler (yes, the stapler): Can I help you with that?

Patron who neither me nor my coworker helped: Thank you!

One of our regular callers (always very rude an impatient) calls for some information about the Houston Texans. He wants the address, and says, "And what's the so-called zip code?"

As soon as I pick up the phone to talk to him, the other line rings and my coworker has to get that one. When I hear her say, "I am seeing someone by that name here in town, but not in El Paso, Texas...oh, I thought you said she was in El Paso" I think I probably got the better deal.

High-level librarian from the admin office comes to talk to me about a little presentation I'm doing for our staff development day. I think we're done when I go off to help someone but later I see she has hung around to ask one of us to call security--she just saw three men go into the two-stall men's bathroom. I haven't heard the outcome of this yet but I am giving 70:30 odds on empty bottles of booze versus drug paraphernalia.

All phones today. Another regular caller wants the addresses of the San Francisco Police Department and a (supposedly) well-known preacher, and then also asks if we have a book called Lord, Let Me Give You A Million Dollars. Not a huge surprise, we don't.

I shouldn't have decided to do a refgrunt today, because of course it is waaaaay too busy.

Spend lots of time with a man needing to fill out a State of Michigan form. This always takes a long time, but in this case it is form tracking his caregiving activities for his brother, and also, he doesn't really read, so it's basically impossible. His wife/girlfriend is there and clearly has a better grasp of both reading and computing. She also seems to be itching to do it for him but for some reason restrains herself.

Help two women apply for a job at Dollar General, fails when it turns out they need an email address, which they have but don't know the password to. They are really nice but smell so heavily of smoke it is hard to breathe while working with them. Then when I tell them we are open on weekends, they say, "Oh, are you going to be here?"

When I finally make it to the desk, coworker says, "I need your help trying to track down a poem that might or might not exist." Again, despite how busy I am, I think I'm getting the long end of the stick.

Another of our odd regulars wants me to print out this picture of a 1999 Popular Mechanics cover for him. Apparently we did this before, but he lost it. I wimp out and don't take up the issue of copyright.

Number for a local plastic surgeon (more phones!).

Security guard comes to give us a printout of a security camera photo of a patron suspected to be stalking children at another branch. I recognize him--that guy comes in here all the time! Oh no.

One of our rare phone patrons who is actually nice, just wants the phone number for a local bank.

Man with a book from the staff picks display: Can these be checked out, or do you have to read them here?

Computer 24 has a virus.

How do I start this quiz on my computer?

More phone number calls. I really wish people would use phone books.


  1. It's funny people don't use phone books. I am always getting phone books that I don't want and I have to recycle them. Maybe they're just lonely?

    1. There's definitely an element of this, at least with some patrons. Some I think are vision impaired, and some maybe don't know how to use a phone book.

  2. never thought i'd see the phrase "so-called zip code"

  3. "Lord, Let Me Give You A Million Dollars" or vice versa, whatever

  4. people are rude on the phone kind of like they're rude on the internet...feeling anonymous