Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Some good stuff

I feel like the blog has been full of bad craziness lately, so let me tell you about a few good patron interactions I've had in the last couple of weeks:

A coworker who volunteers for Libraries for Life asked me to request some books on organ donation for her. I found some really nice fiction books about the relationships between the families of donors and the recipient of the donor's organ(s).

Due to a phone reference question, I learned that a caterpillar can stay in a cocoon up to two years! The poor woman who was calling had to ask me to repeat the quote from the site I found a few times--I fear she was copying it down word for word to use in a homework assignment. Aren't you glad you're not dependent on calling your public library in that kind of situation?

One of the Downtown Regulars recommended a new TV series to me based on my having recommended a book by Peter F. Hamilton to him a few months ago. It looks promising!

I showed someone who had never used Google how to Google things. This will never, ever get old to me.

Some people from a local church came and gave all the staff on desk bags with treats in them to thank us for the work we do for the city!

This is the best job ever!

(Picture from the Everett, CO Public Library)


  1. Happy! and a crazy cocoon fact too!

  2. Glad people are showing the love!!!

  3. Nice to have some good craziness after the bad craziness