Friday, September 2, 2016

Baseline update

Apparently the police found something on the man who was stopped and searched for a knife yesterday, because my coworkers downstairs reported that he was subsequently handcuffed in the lobby and led out to a police car.

I didn't know because I was too busy finding out for Jumpsuit Man whether 'lynx and bobcats are the same species,' and whether Michigan has any bounties on feral pigs--"Wait, can you check the federal government too? What about Texas and Florida? What about Louisiana?"


  1. Uh oh. We don't like our patrons to leave in handcuffs.

  2. At least you know that much, even if not the full story.

  3. did you read about some guy from the east coast driving a truck full of aluminum cans to get the deposit? maybe this guy has a truck of feral pigs.

    1. Ha! "Truck of Feral Pigs" would make a good album title/cover.