Thursday, November 17, 2016

I am the Grinch

 File:Angry christmas.jpg

'Tis the season for my annual outrage about quote-unquote 'holiday' decorations in the library. (I will fight anyone who says that the 'Santa version' of Christmas is totally not a religious holiday.) This week the first of the Christmas decorations appeared at both my libraries. The Downtown Library seems to be adopting a creeping approach--putting things out one at a time and gradually so that people like me won't notice what is happening. Possibly coincidentally, possibly as a warning, they put out a giant stuffed animal Grinch first. Small Town Library has gone traditional Small Town, Small Mind with fake poinsettias, garlands, and a giant tree with a 'made by a kid'-style angel topping it. Fortunately, the theme they chose for this year is snowmen. If I have to be here for next year's theme (Reindeer? Angels? Jesus Christ Our Savior?) I think it is going to get ugly.


  1. it kills me how people are always so amazed that anyone could object

  2. that cranky snowman is adorable