Friday, November 18, 2016

New patron/new American

A new patron came to the library today and we had a little trouble communicating before I understood that he was here for the ESL class that meets in one of our meeting rooms. He seemed pretty nervous to be in the library and hadn't been here before. The meeting room can be a little confusing to get to so I just asked him to follow me and took him down there in the elevator. He was wearing a straw cowboy hat with a Tim Horton's band around the brim (raises a lot of questions, I know) and as we were riding in the elevator I told him that I liked his hat. He put his fist out and we did a fist-bump. I wanted to tell him that he would fit in great.

(Also, I've been so overwhelmed with negative things happening in the world lately that having a good interaction with a new American made me tear up when I was alone on the elevator on the way back to my desk, but no one needs to know that, right?)


  1. Ah that made me tear up too, lots of that these days

  2. A nice moment for both of you