Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dowtown is different

Both staff and patrons are adjusting to the reconfigured Downtown Library. Here are some comments from patrons so far:

"It looks bigger!" (It's the same size)

"It's like a completely new building!" (It's the same building)

"I didn't realize you were going to open again. I thought this library was just shut down."

"Is it still the same process to get on the computers?"

"Good, you're open. I hated North Side Library." 

"Can I still go up to the second floor?"

"There's a second floor now!?"

(As I am looking for a gosh-darned sharpie because I don't know where anything is in our new desks, and my arms are aching from carrying my laptop around during two hours of 'roving reference':) "You must love it!"

"I thought it would look more different. It pretty much looks the same."


  1. did you have roaming reference before? do patrons like it?

    1. No, it's new to us. I'm not sure yet if patrons like it. I definitely saved some people a trip to the desk to ask for help, but I also interrupted some people who were browsing and just wanted to be left alone. I'm not sure what the balance will turn out to look like.

  2. We've had patrons criticize the paint colors we picked for our renovation

    1. That cracks me up! I guess your library didn't get enough 'community stakeholder input' before they started work!

    2. i can just imagine the colors these particular patrons would have wanted