Friday, March 24, 2017

More on the New Downtown

Not only did we not get gender-neutral restrooms, as I was really, really hoping would happen as a result of our renovation, for some mysterious reason the men's bathroom is now on the left while the women's is on the right, which was the opposite of what it was in December. I flinch at the drama that is sure to ensue.

The circulation department staff, with whom I now share a desk, are much more interested in monitoring the patrons' computers for pornography than I have ever been.

"I was told I could get a home heating tax form up here. Also, I just got on social security; do you know if there is another form I need?"

An adorable girl in the world's tiniest pea coat runs behind the reference desk while her dad and I are trying to figure out the name of a movie.

Man whose headphones are blaring "Don't Stop Believin' " would like to know where he is on the hold list for the movies Fences and Jackie.

Patrons are no more happy with how we divide our DVD collection now than they were pre-renovation. No, sorry, we don't have an "old movies section." No, sorry, we don't have a religious section.

In the new setup, the last row of computers is a little closer to the print release station than it used to be. This morning a man coughed while releasing his print job and the woman seated at the nearby computer snapped "Get away from me with your cough!" Of course no one could just let it go right away, so on his way out the cougher said "That's not very polite" in acid tones as he was passing, to which the computer user responded "I'm sick of people coming near me with their colds!"

New patron wants to know: If I print up there, does it just come out back here?

I have to shush two guys chatting in the newspaper area. On his way out, one of them shushes me in revenge. Being shushed by a patron is probably on my top ten list of work annoyances.

Janis has made it back in. She's still a little confused about which elevator buttons to push, but seems to be adjusting fine to the new layout.

A foot fetishist needs help with a website. The people in the pictures are clothed so I just try not to think about it and don't treat it as a porn issue.

"Do our library cards still work the same to get on the computers?"

Two different people need to be shown how to allow popups in Google Chrome, a process that requires six clicks, which I feel is three too many. Poorly designed websites are probably number one on the aforementioned top ten list.

"Excuse me, are you computer savvy? I want to print the pictures from an email, but when I click print it just wants to print the email. Can you help me?"


  1. Whoa, what a day! You deserve wine!

    1. I had some when I got home. Well, I had an apple martini. It helped!

  2. One day a coworker bitched out a patron for shushing her. I know she shouldn't have but we all wanted to applaud.

    1. Ooh. I have powerful, but mixed, feelings about this incident! It must have been cathartic to listen to.

    2. it was, it was