Sunday, January 27, 2013


I kept a refgrunt log yesterday but it overwhelmingly consisted of me saying "no" to people. So I reorganized it to emphazise the theme. These are only the 'bad' nos. Sometimes people ask things like "do you have to pay for a library card?" and then I like to say no.
The Golden Calf by Helen Tursten—NO, not out in English yet (it’s a translation of Guldkalven, which came out in its original Swedish in 2004) but I can put in a request for the library to buy it once it does come out.

Can you check out books here? NO!

Big sister and little sister come up to the desk.
Big sister: “Come on, ask her.”
Little sister: [Looks at the ground]
Big sister: Do you want me to ask her?
Mom, intervening: NO!
Little sister: (whispering something to her mom)
Mom: Okay, just this one time. (To me) Do you have any Little Bill books?”
Do you have the movie Avatar?
The one with the blue people, right, not The Last Airbender?
Yeah, with the blue people.
NO! It's checked out.
The Nicest Man in the World calls to ask if the tax form instructions have come in yet. NO, they haven’t, and NO, I can’t tell him when they’ll get here, but he acts like it’s been great talking to me. “Well, let me say that you are just the best possible help I could have gotten.”

To an old man: NO, the tax forms still aren’t here.

To an old woman: NO, the tax forms still aren't here.
Hello! Is there a study area or a study room? I mean, I know it’s the library…NO! No study rooms!
Did anyone turn in a wallet? NO, sorry.
Do you have the movie The Lady Sings the Blues? NO, sorry, our only copy is lost.
Do you carry college textbooks? For the hundredth time, NO!

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  1. ah, the old "do you carry college textbooks" question. I like to think that somewhere, sometime, in some library somewhere, the billionth person will ask that question, causing balloons and confetti to descend from the ceiling. But the answer will still be "no."