Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Spanish-speaking

I helped the same lady who addressed me in Spanish previously (it turns out I do have a reputation for Spanish skills; I'm very excited) get into her email on her smart phone. I have a dumb phone that doesn't have a touch screen so I was really having trouble typing on the tiny virtual keyboard. It cracked her up. Anyway, we got into her email and she had a ton of messages. She opened the first one and then, laughing, asked me, "What does it say?" I told her it said a website had the grades of her son, but I didn't know anything about the website. She said that was okay, she didn't either, but she would ask him.

She is one of my new favorite patrons. Everything makes her laugh and she doesn't slow down her speech even a tiny bit although it's obvious I only understand about 50% of what she says.

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