Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today a couple of teachers brought in their class to learn how to use the public library. The students were older, mostly late teens, and I could tell that it was some kind of life skills course. I really enjoy it when those classes come to the library because I'm flattered that the instructors think that using the library is an important life skill. Also, the students are usually very nice and polite. Even though they have a lot of impairments so it can sometimes be difficult for us to communicate, they nearly always are very patient and don't get upset. My favorite student this morning wanted a computer pass. He had to be prompted by the teacher to tell me what he wanted, but first he asked me what my name was and shook my hand. After I gave him the pass he said, "Hello, sir! What is your name?" so I introduced myself again and shook his hand again.

Another guy who I liked came to try to check out his magazines (a lot of people think you can check out at the information desk, it is common). He also had two driver's ed booklets from our display of public information--fliers, free local newspapers, etc. I told him he could check out his magazines at the "Checkout/customer service" desk and he said, pointing to the driver's ed booklets, "But I can take these, though, right? They're free, I'm not stealing them?"

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  1. It sounds as if you already have some important life skills yourself, some skills that many people go through life without acquiring.