Friday, April 3, 2015

Fiction or nonfiction?

Hello faithful readers!

Something occurred to me earlier this week and I thought I'd ask for your opinions on it because the patrons I see in person just want me to hand them their computer passes and stop talking to them.

If your/my/the/a public library (whatever is most relevant to you) had to give up either all its fiction or all its nonfiction, which would be more tolerable, and why?


  1. non-fiction for me but the other people who go there might need the non-fiction

  2. Give up the nonfiction, people need stories!

  3. why would a library ever do this? couldn't they give up half the non and half the fiction instead?

  4. dump the non-fiction imho

  5. Molly commented the following, but I accidentally deleted the comment rather than approving it (fortunately the text survives):

    "Personally at least 90% of the books I have borrowed from the library have been fiction so I vote to dump the non-fiction. I think the only time I ever checked out non-fiction books were in grade school when we were given research assignments where we were explicitly instructed to check out books from the library. I guess if I had to make an actual argument, other than just personal preference, I would say that there are a lot more free non-fiction resources available online (journal articles, online encyclopedias, informational websites, google books, etc.) that there are free fiction books available online/from other places. "