Friday, December 4, 2015

That's the name of the website that I helped a couple print from this afternoon. Article title: "Grow your own pot." Since Michigan is a medical marijuana state, maybe I haven't made myself an accessory to anything...

I didn't mind helping them, as they were a lot nicer than our other patrons so far this afternoon. I had already dealt with our Most Annoying Caller (who I'm going to call MAC for short from now on)--"gimme the number for Muffler Man"--and some guy who wanted more than the allotted three hours of computer time (yes, three hours) and didn't want to hear me and my coworker tell him no. Instead, he just rudely demanded to be told "who he would talk to about that," so we sent him to the first floor so that our supervisor could frustrate him personally.


  1. I'd much rather help a pleasant potential criminal than a rude patron with an innocuous agenda.

    1. I usually feel this way too! (Depends on the crime, though, of course.)