Saturday, February 6, 2016


Happy #caturday!!! Come to the library today! #rplsummer
Brought to you by the Richmond Public Library:

Sorry, today is Meme Day for me here at the library because I got a lot of work done on my desk shift yesterday afternoon and I need something to keep myself amused. Normally everyone takes turns on the desk, but on weekends everyone gets to stay home except just enough people to keep the library running, so everyone on desk is there for the full 9 hours that we are open (minus lunch, of course. Librarians don't skip lunch.). It's a good thing we have such extended weekend hours so people can get all their vital questions answered, such as...

Where is the bathroom?

Can you help me get on the wireless?

When are you getting the rest of the tax forms?

How do I process words on the computer?

What's the phone number for Local Business? Huh, oh really...are you sure?

How many judges are there on the Supreme Court?


Can you help me look at pictures of Janis Joplin?


  1. I like the idea that someone would ask you for a phone number and then not really believe you.

  2. if someone asked me how to process words on the computer it would be hard not to say "use a word processor"

    1. Without the blog as an outlet, I fear I would say things like that all the time.