Wednesday, February 3, 2016


MAC, our Most Annoying Caller known for the most insincere "thank you"s, has called like 4 times today, apparently. I got the third call and he went on a rant about how the other staff member he talked to had kept asking him if that was all she could help him with "as though she thought I was flirting with her, but I just have poor vision and I call the library to get those numbers!" Apparently he thought she was being hostile and rude (how ironic!) and wanted me to sympathize.

Not only did I not sympathize, but I had some schadenfreude because one of the phone numbers he asked for was the Traffic Division at the local county courthouse--apparently he wants to fight the speeding ticket he got recently!


  1. there's a bit of karma

  2. Is the title of "Most Annoying Caller" a traveling trophy, or is that guy the permanent king?

    1. I think it's traveling, but only in a theoretical sense. So far he is in no danger of losing the title.