Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bad news bear

A patron called to ask if I could check if Michael Moore's movie Where to Invade Next was showing this weekend at our local theater (Moore is a Flint native and has called for our governor's arrest over the water crisis there, so he's been getting a lot of media attention lately). I checked, and the movie was not showing, so I told the patron, "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid that according to the showings page on their website, they are not showing it this weekend." And, I am 95% confident, the patron replied: "That's okay, you're a good bear. Have a good night!"

Today's Other Duty As Assigned: Being a bear.


  1. The Bear of Bad News (see also "The Bad News Bears," another movie not showing tonight)

  2. what an odd you get movie showing questions often?

    1. Every so often. The local theater has a phone line for automated readings of the showings, but this patron specifically mentioned that he had called it and the voice spoke too quickly for him to understand.