Wednesday, January 11, 2017

West Side Loves to Copy

I told you I talk to the Greek gods, right?

I need to make a copy, but I've never used a copier before.

Can you show me how to make a copy?

Do you have, like, a guest...[stares at me for a few seconds without speaking] know, like the other library had computers that you can use without a card?

These are two loaves of raisin bread from the bakery down the street. They are a gift for the staff if you want them.

I need to print this email. How do I do that?

How do I make a copy?

Do you have tax forms yet?

Where are your exercise movies?

Call from a friend who was also sent to another branch! We have a patron over here who wants to come pick up Rob Roy by Scott. Can you make sure it's really there?

Where are the audiobooks?

My print job isn't showing up.

I need you to do your computer catalog thing. Do you have the movie Postcards From the Edge?

The copier says not to use the top feeder. Does that mean that I have to do all of these on the glass?

The unemployment office won't accept these text messages as documentation. They say I have to have proof on paper. Can you help me print them?

[One of our mobile device printing options is down. I put in a helpdesk ticket.]

I need Michigan tax forms.

Can you help me get to the hospital jobs website?

Phone call: They said you can help me find a math tutor for college mathematics. Can I come in on Saturday?

I need a friend...I need to copy this and put it into this document. Can you help me?

Can you help me with the printer?

How do I print just one page of this?

Do you have these two religious commentaries for my college class?

This computer locked me out.

How do I save something to my flash drive?

Is The Lost House back in yet?

Do you make copies here?

Do you fax here?

[Stand at the printer/fax/copier area for 15 minutes, just managing traffic.]

How do I make this full size?

Can I check my books out here?

I don't need help, I'm just waiting for the copier.

Smiled at by a lady who A) looks like a blonde version of the adorable Felicia Day and B) doesn't ask me for any information about copying or printing! If I weren't already married I would probably have asked her to marry me.

Any chance you could help me make a copy of this poster?

Do you have the TV show Degrassi? No, the old one.

[Show someone the self-check, which I love.]

One of the pages: This little girl is looking for her mom.
Little girl: There she is!
Mom: I'm so sorry!

Can you teach us how to check these movies out on the machines?


  1. Holy guacamole! That's a lot of copying questions! Who are these people who never made a copy before???

    1. Indeed! I teach people how to scan a lot too, and I used to make an analogy to making copies to help them understand it, but maybe I had better stop.

  2. do the Greek gods talk back I wonder

    1. Yes--it came up when he said: "Demeter told me..."

  3. For some reason "do your computer catalog thing" reminds me of "play that funky music"!