Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In which I recieve a business card

This story is from last week (i.e., pre-blog days):

There is a homeless (we think) man who comes into the library often. He is always very well-groomed and is always checking out and/or reading books about computer systems administration. However, his most notable habit is that he loses things every time he comes into the library and then he comes to the reference desk to ask if anyone has found them. Every time we tell him to ask at customer service, because that is where the lost and found is. Every day he goes and does that, and then comes back to us again the next time he loses something.

Last week he lost a personal book and came to the desk to ask me if it had been turned it. It hadn’t, but I found one later that evening. Next time I saw the guy I told him that I might have found his book, and that he should check at the customer service desk. It was indeed his, and he was so thrilled that he came back to thank me about three times. After the third time he said, “What is your name again? Here, take my card!” Then he handed me an extremely professional-looking business card which listed him as an Oracle administrator. Huh.


  1. Huh indeed! Does the card list an actual employer?