Thursday, August 9, 2012

Patron-to-patron assistance

Today I helped two small boys print out pictures of Legos. They were working on separate computers so I bounced back between the two of them. I went back to the older boy, who was at the 'release print job' stage, to find that a 30ish woman had helped him. I realized that, with the exception of patrons from the same family or group, this was the first time I had ever seen one patron help another patron in the library.

Is this as rare as I think it is? Have you ever helped, or been helped by, another library patron? In what situation?


  1. I've seen this happen at the library where I work. (I have also seen one patron give inaccurate information to another patron....). I have butted in and helped people at the public library I use (mostly helping them with the self-checkout). I think it's pretty rare though.

  2. At my library we love it when anything causes someone to use self-check successfully. So thank you!
    P.S. Are you someone I know?

  3. Oh, hi! You sound different in library writing.