Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mysterious book series of the week

Has anyone heard of the Thoroughbred juvenile book series? I had an extremely sweet patron come in this evening, looking for them I think for nostalgia purposes. The weirdness:

It has a lengthy Wikipedia page devoted to it. The only source it cites is a fan site that is now defunct. The earliest books came out in in the mid-1990s and it's not really clear how long they continued to be published.

We had a few of the books in the series in our catalog, mostly withdrawn or in-repair, and mostly later in the series. The patron had books 1,9 and 10 in a series of maybe a few dozen. Just out of curiosity I asked her whether they were paperbacks, and she said they were. I figure we probably used to own them all but most of them haven't survived. The really odd thing is that I couldn't really find anything in WorldCat, either.

These books seem to have been either massively popular or a sort of cult classic at one time, but hardly anything has survived. Does anyone know the story of these books? Even better, has anyone read them?

Also, PS: There is hope for this patron. Abe Books seems to have a good collection on their website.

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  1. never heard of them. Were they about horses?