Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trending topics among patrons today (actually, last week)

The 2012 presidential election--we don't have any post-election books yet.

Psy, and whatever country Psy is from. Also people who make videos imitating his dances, and why they would do that.

U.S. army basic training. This patron called me "ma'am" about 15 times.

Erik Erikson, child psychologist, and his stages of psychosocial development.


  1. Ha ha ha, the Psy one is classic. Why *would* they make videos imitating his dances? Was that some kid who was assigned to write a school paper on "anything you want"??

    1. I think it was just self-generated interest. It was from a well-known kid patron who is really gratified by everything you find for him and thus enjoyable to work with, but has the attention span of a goldfish and is thus exhausting to work with.