Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Red dictionary

As much as I can remember from this super-busy evening:

Make the Spanish computer class reminder calls--half of the people answer the phone in English since it's an unfamiliar number so I feel weird talking to them in my second language when they are addressing me in my first one.

At children's desk: Adult asks for book on physics and one on "the universe," looks at me like I am crazy when I ask if they are for kids.

How does guest pass work?

Wants to borrow puzzle, then magnetic letters, kid and mom do not agree on what to get.

1988 GED man calls.

This came out too small, can you make it print bigger?

Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen--purchase request.

Homeless guy I gave my umbrella to: "Emma! Hi!"

Kid too slow putting change in printer.

Tell girl on cell phone in computer lab to take it out to lobby--oh crap she leaves her purse behind unattended.

Coworker: Someone lost these keys, where do I put them?

Can you show us how to print this?

Check on status of my holds?

Fax machine?

Lost and found?

How do I find my hold--oh that's cool.

Power Rangers movies, checked out.

Count people in for storytime--13.

Adult too slow putting money in printer.

Help me print this off? BW printer is bad, can we print in color? No she has to color it in, complicated thing where money changes hands like 3 times.

Excuse me ma'am, can you borrow books here? For free!?

Dictionaries? No, a specific one. Find in through the miracle of Google Image search color filtering and a lot of patience but then turns out we don't own it.

Why isn't this offering us more computer time!? x2

Knock a book off the shelf, notice it is gross, coworker looks it up and there is no record of it--did we withdraw it years ago and forget to take off shelf? That's lucky clumsiness I guess.

I tried getting this form at home through one of your databases but it said "error--link expired," I called earlier, can you help?

Put that guy on a public computer since he needs to print things out and you can't print from our wifi.

I need to get to my email--this is a catalog computer.

You speak Spanish!?

Help me print.

Can you write this in English? Just a couple sentences.

Someone in the teen area is hyperventillating!

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  1. I think *I* would be hyperventilating.