Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some excellent library things from around the web

1. How to tell your patrons the FBI is monitoring their library use without violating the PATRIOT act:
  [the FBI has not been here. watch closely for removal of this sign]

2, Another great public library incidents blog in the genre of Love the Liberry (and to a lesser extent this blog): http://iworkatapubliclibrary.com/
A great sample: "Most of you are probably familiar with James Patterson’s books—particularly how his face is prominently portrayed on the back covers. Well, one day I was walking through the stacks and found that someone had turned all the copies of his books around on the shelves so that all you could see was his face. They also lined them up in a row on the floor along the aisle. And all along the windowsills. James Patterson everywhere!"

3. Why ebooks, the internet, etc. will not make libraries obsolete:
"[ebooks will] replace libraries like elevators replaced stairs."--Andy Woodworth
Or, more flambuoyantly: "We don't need sex, we have IVF!"--Richelle Brown
Collected by Jacob Berg at:

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