Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday fun

Patron I have never seen before has a gallon jug of milk with him at the computer, 1/5 full. It's capped and, well, he is sitting in a public library with a gallon of milk and a giant eccentric beard, so I leave the situation alone.

Tax forms from 2012

"I'm still new at this. How do I check a book back in?"

Woman asks other patrons: What are these magazines? Do you check them out or buy them? Not interested in my help. She is intruding on them trying to get work done so she gets my 'help' anyway even though she doesn't want it.

Girl asks for the movie "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 3," have to break it to her that that doesn't exist.

Only Sane Fan stops by, chat a little about Game of Thrones and sci-fi.

I think I just saw a guy take a picture of a book on display--like people do at bookstores so they can later go to Walmart and see if it is cheaper there, but where is cheaper than the library?

The police come! Looking for a suspect of some kind but whatever incident put him on their radar, it didn't happen in the library (well, not just now, anyway).

Lady with heavily-accented English wants the movie "Charlos Guez" i.e. "Charlotte's Web." Discover the fabulous subject heading: Swine‡vJuvenile films.


  1. that is a subject heading for the ages.

  2. I saw a guy recently taking pictures of the pictures on the wall at a Caribou coffee shop (and no, it wasn't a local artist or anything, just the corporate photos)....