Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lows, highs


A book on recovering repressed memories: still circulating. I recommend it be withdrawn from the collection anyway because it basically purports to be a science book and is 20+ years old.

It's my job to count people into storytime, which starts at 7. I click in 5 people with my little clicker and leave at about 7:05. Within the next ten minutes, 7 more people come in.

The Story of the Texas Rangers, published in the 50s, is still circulating.

I am trying to make posters advertising what is in each aisle of the Spanish section but no one can tell me where the computer files with the English advertisements are and I can't for the life of me figure out which font they used.


Two brothers, 10 and 12, are learning how to use the public computers. I take the older brother over to the print release station and for some reason the sign showing a bunch of coins with the word "yes" over them and then a crossed-out penny with the word "no"over it makes him crack up. Five minutes later I take the younger brother over and he laughs about the same thing.

A scheduling error means I get to be out on the desk for an extra hour.

Research Guy, a patron who used to haunt the reference books and who seemed pretty disturbed (I worried he might be schizophrenic) comes by, asks me questions about accessing the library catalog on his smartphone, introduces himself and shakes me hand, and chats in a perfectly normal fashion. He is such a changed man I have some small doubts for awhile that it's not actually him, just a guy who looks like him, but I am pretty sure.

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  1. ugh, repressed memories "science." Yank that sucker.

    I love the brothers laughing at the same thing though. Nature or nurture?