Friday, April 4, 2014

Side effects

Side effects of working at a public library information desk:
  • You are tempted to approach a lost-looking person at your favorite store and ask if they need help finding something
  • You have to repress (or sometimes fail to repress) an urge to shout "walk, please!" at children running by in malls
  • You develop a particular look, pheremone, or other secret signal by which a certain type of person knows you are the best person to ask for directions when they are lost in a new neighborhood
  • When a friend asks for your opinion on a book or movie, you tell them what it was like instead of whether you liked it
  • You sometimes catch yourself glaring at loud teenagers or at people talking on their cell phones, even in places where they have a perfect right to do so
  • Trained to look up from your computer and greet people approaching the desk, you find yourself making a lot of accidental friendly eye contact with strangers in your peripheral vision in coffee shops and restaurants


  1. Very funny. You could make some new friends that way, or some new enemies.

    1. New enemies, I think. It is kind of nice to the the creepER rather than the creep-E for a change.