Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Breaking Bad Season 6

First floor information desk, 5-9.

Patron is confused/sad that Breaking Bad , season 6 doesn't exist.

I don't want these DVDs anymore, I just needed them while I was on the computer. (She hands me five DVDs and she was only on the 15-minute express computer. What did she need them FOR?)

Loud kids on the children's computers. Aw, I missed these guys over the summer, says my boss. NOT.

Oops, wanted DVD of Tyler Perry's "Temptation," not Blu-Ray.

Can't find where a homeless lady can go to get a free coat--I'm sure I could if she would just wait a little longer while I looked! Crud!

Can you help me find "Grownups" and "Grownups 2"? Never mind, here they are.

Can I get on the hold list for the new "Godzilla"? OF COURSE.

Wants to place a Zane book on hold...on his middle-school-aged daughter's card.

Do you have, like, a list of all the DVDs you have?

Ooh, a *new* patron! Seems to be a rarity at this library.

Oh man, some of Security's incident reports have funny names!: "The Four Mustakeers [sic]," "Splinter from Downunder [also sic]"... Also, they also always say they "advised" a patron about such and such a policy. It sounds so decorous!

Can you unlock the bathroom for me? Times 10. Can I get a computer pass? Times 10.

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  1. ah, the people's [library] business!