Friday, April 21, 2017

My new boss

Photo credit: Kumar Appaiah:

I had a meeting with the new boss of Downtown Library today, my previous boss having recently retired. My new boss was previously at West Side Branch so I already know her and am one of her fans. You will see why. I met with her because I am going to an outreach event next week and we were talking strategy.

New Boss on not using flyers as a substitute for personal connection: "Paper is a substitute for conversation and action, it doesn't do anything...except maybe if it's a warrant."

On having something interesting at your booth to get people's attention: "People aren't just going to come over because you're pretty. Well, maybe some are, but those aren't the ones we want."

She began her tenure at Downtown Library by trashing our typewriter, which Past Boss wouldn't get rid of because a couple of times a year people came in wanting to use it to fill out forms. She sent an email out to all staff announcing its "retirement" with the subject heading "Sad news."


  1. Sounds like a breath of fresh air and common sense

    1. That's probably what her mug should say, actually!

  2. i remember when we finally got rid of our stupid typewriter. One of the ref librarians had to retire before we all agreed. ARGGGGHHHHH.