Monday, April 24, 2017

Real reference questions

Some legitimately challenging reference and reader's advisory questions I have been asked lately:

Why is the AIc test for diabetes called that? Is 'A1c' some kind of acronym?

Can you find me a print source that discusses anything about the light rail line they are building in downtown Detroit?

I need a recipe for making prune juice from dried prunes.

I'm trying to find out the failure rate of new businesses in the mid 1980s and how it compares to today's.

Can you help me find a book that will tell me what to expect when I have my total hip replacement? Preferably a new one, no more than a few years old.
Can you help me figure out if books by Stuart Woods will be too scary for me?


  1. my favorite one is the dried prunes one, hands down

  2. I can find an explanation for why the A1c test is called that, but I can't understand the explanation

    1. I'm so glad I'm only obligated to locate information, not to understand it!

  3. Those are tough!!