Saturday, May 20, 2017


Things patrons have told me lately that have made me (at least briefly) angry:
  • That I don't understand what Microsoft Silverlight is
  • That I was "just making excuses" for the local history librarian's failure to immediately return a phone call
  • That I'm racist
  • That they don't understand how many copies of pornographic trash (i.e., the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy) the library has to buy with taxpayer money
  • That the library should be open until 9 p.m. on Fridays because "some people have to work"
  • That I let other patrons be too loud in the library
  • That a picture book about gender identity isn't appropriate for children
  • That, no matter what I may claim to the contrary, they were just speaking to me on the phone


  1. I get it, sometimes I'm mean because I ask people to quiet down, sometimes I'm a terrible librarian because people are talking's a no-win

    1. Ugh, the whole noise level situation is one of the worst paths to try to navigate!

  2. I like the patrons who tell me how library procedures work, like "if it's just one or two copies (photocopies) you can make them for me"

    1. Oh, that's a *great one.* Can't believe I forgot that. And the similar "I need you to make some copies for me"/"I need this copied."

  3. The library should be open 24/7 because some people just feel like going to the library.