Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sometime in May

Longtime readers will know that I especially like working with older patrons (maybe I will be a decent Senior Services Librarian someday) in part because they tend to be in less of a rush, but mainly because I think they are hilarious. A lot of older couples come into Small Town Library and I love eavesdropping on both their reactions to the renovations we are doing and just general conversation.

Today a couple came in and were marveling at how different things looked. The man stopped to check in with the clerk at the circulation desk, as our patrons often do, and then asked her "If we don't come back in half an hour, will you send a search party out?" Fortunately they did return. After checking out their books and movies, they left the library. I could hear the woman ask the man "What day is it today?" and he responded "Oh, sometime in May."

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