Friday, May 5, 2017

Feeling legit

Several weeks ago, I was promoted from assistant to librarian at Downtown Library. What with the renovation, which meant big changes on our service model as well as physical changes, training me hasn't been a big priority for the powers that be. That means that it's taken me a while to get any new responsibilities to go along with my new position. However, I've long been the self-appointed advocate for our non-English collections, and I seem to have been somewhat legitimized in that role by my promotion. Today one of my colleagues, who has been kind of a role model for me since I started at Downtown, stuck his head into my cubicle and held out a "Learn English" DVD. He said "Me and John were wondering if you had the authority to move this to ESL and if you thought it was a good idea. It isn't going out in its current location."

There is nothing like being asked for help by people you respect to make you feel useful and valuable. This was the highlight of my week!


  1. Affirmation! We all crave it!!

  2. That's great. Hopefully you DO have the authority to move it!!