Friday, November 16, 2012

New record

A new record has been set for the patron whose motives I most wanted to enquire into.

A 20-30ish man, well-dressed, hurried up to the adult reference desk a minute ago and said breathlessly: "Where are your books on fire trucks?"

Me: "For kids or for adults?"

Him: "It doesn't matter."

Me: "Are you looking for a specific piece of information? I'm seeing some titles here but I'm not sure they are relevant."

Him: "Like what?"

Me: "There is one about fire chiefs' cars, but it is at another branch."

Him: "Well do you have anything here?"

Me: "It looks like we have some in Junior Nonfiction. Let me show you where they are."

I take him to the books, walking as fast as I have ever walked across the library, and he says, "This is great. Do you have more?"

Me: "If we have any in the adult section they will be at this same number, but on the other side of the library."


What did you need to know, fire truck man?

1 comment:

  1. oh, man, now I want to know too!

    I hope he wasn't a firefighter who forgot how to drive firetrucks and needed a crash course because oh my god a fire alarm was going off and ...